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Suspension Training Classroom Rules
Members should beware of own health conditions when using each facility and ask for guidance from instructors to correctly use the facilities for the first time.  Please understand and follow rules for each facility and be fully responsible for your own safety.
It is everyone’s responsibility to follow all the rules while using the center’s facilities in respect of the rights of all users.
People under 16 years-old are not allowed to enter.
Please follow the rules during Public Charity session as it is for social services purposes.
It is everyone’s responsibility to have a physical checkup periodically so that your physician can suggest you the suitable types of exercises. For your personal health and safety reasons, please inform on-site instructor that you understand your health condition before you begin exercise in case you need assistance.
People with contagious diseases, unstable blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, had meal within 1 hour before, in drunken state, in sleep-deprived state, under impact of medication or any other unfit health conditions are not allowed to use the facility.
Please bring in your sweat towel and wear appropriate exercise clothing and soft-sole athletic shoes and do not wear slippers, leather shoes, high-heels, clogs or other inappropriate shoes to enter the facility.
Only drinking water is allowed in the facility; other beverages including alcohol, and food, chewing beetle nuts or gum and smoking are not allowed in the place.
Please pay attention and do not exceed the rental time (including public charity time session) while using the facility in respect of the rights of others.
  •個人物品請置放於投幣式置物櫃內以便管理,限當天使用,違者清空。 如有遺失自行負責。
Please place all personal belongings in the open or coin lockers limited to the day. The center is not responsible for any lost items.
Please register for any planned activities in the facility and do not use the facility at your own will.
Personal teaching is not allowed other than the classes provided by the center.
Please leave your photo ID at the service counter before renting/borrowing any equipment.  Please return to their original positions after use.
Equipment caused by misusage will be charged for compensation (please refer to equipment rental rules for details)
Warming up and stretching are highly recommended before using any equipment. You may seek on-site professional help for exercise planning or consultation.
Please notify the staff on site should you feel ill at anytime
Please bring your own towel to wipe off any sweat on the equipment after each use and return the equipment to its original position.
Photography, videography, poster hanging, flag hanging, labeling and other such behaviors are not allowed unless approved by the center.
Guide dogs welcome, no pets allowed.
  •館內插座不提供給個人使用。 如因活動或租借場地,需先付費後方能使用。
Electrical sockets are reserved only for events or venue rental under the condition of payment of an additional fee; personal use is not allowed.
The center has the right to add and alter the rules accordingly with the announcement on site and staff explanation as overrule. The center reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility in concern to its environment and safety and is not responsible for reimbursement and compensation for violation to others caused by personal factor or not cooperating with the rules.

To avoid slippery surface and floor damage, please dry all wet items(i.e. umbrella, footwear, clothing, hat) before entering into the area.